The US Department of Disease Control (CDC) uses Microsoft’s healthcare chatbot service to help people identify for themselves what signs could be COVID-19.

According to The Verge, the US CDC uses a bot chat service called Healthcare Bot from Microsoft to create an automated chat system, helping users to make their own initial assessment of possible COVID symptoms. -19 or not if they feel uncertain.

This tool to help people self-test for suspected COVID-19 will ask a questionnaire based on CDC guidelines for symptoms (such as shortness of breath, shortness of breath or lightheadedness), and factors. risk (such as background disease if present or exposure to someone positive for corona virus), thereby suggesting next steps.

In the next steps proposed by chatbot will have recommendations such as whether to isolate yourself or not, consult a health care professional from afar or go to the emergency room.

CDC’s chatbot service will also provide additional links to information from health information providers and advice on disease outbreaks. However, it will not include information about corona virus testing points.

The system will also not diagnose or plan treatment, apart from general advice such as “stay home and take care of yourself” or “call 911”.

This chatbot system seems to be a viable solution that helps to reassure those who worry excessively with symptoms that basically do not need to see a doctor. Since then priority medical resources to examine and treat those who really need in the current disease situation.

According to the Wall Street Journal, these chatbot versions are now available online at nine health systems and will have more systems available soon.

Those who know English can go here and click on the light blue box with the words Coronavirus Self-Checker to display the chatbot window and self-assess their health symptoms.

You can follow the link below to access the website

CDC US uses chatbots to help people diagnose COVID-19 by themselves