I would like to translate the coronavirus prevention method of the doctors at Cho Ray Vietnam Hospital. It is effective and very easy to implement.

Like the other viruses that cause respiratory infections, SASR-COV-19 has the following mechanism of infection and disease:

I. After entering the pharynx area, the virus will penetrate into the mucosa cells and multiply, from one animal will produce hundreds. Growing large enough in number and structure, they will break down the cell to spread out and each will find its way into a new cell. Just like that the cycle of drug development repeats many times and goes deeper into the body. This stage is the incubation period.

II. At some point (depending on the health of each person) a sufficiently large number of viruses to break down the human defense mechanism, the disease will emerge. This is the onset of the disease.

Thus, during the incubation period, the person carrying the virus has no symptoms so others cannot know. Therefore they have the ability to silently spread the virus to others.

To prevent infection (or spread to others) we must try to prevent the virus from entering our own oropharynx. These are methods to avoid gathering in crowded places, standing far away from suspected people who are infected with more than 2m, wearing a mask (any type), washing our hands often …

However, my own experience has a last block in case those measures are ignored. This is a very important blocking button, although it has been mentioned, but maybe the implementation is not correct and sufficient.

The last stopper is contacting the throat with an antiseptic solution. Once the virus has broken through the aforementioned “firewalls,” the throat antiseptic solution will be available to destroy it. And when the virus after multiplying breaks the cell out, the disinfectant solution is also waiting to destroy it.

Thus, both uninfected and infected people, the throat antiseptic solution will be the last solution to prevent infection as well as spread the disease.

The use of antiseptic solutions in the oropharynx to rinse your mouth also needs to be properly effective. There are some types of disinfectant that can kill the virus, but there are others. And each type of disinfectant has the ability to kill viruses in different time periods, some lasts 1-2 hours after contact but there are types that can last more than 4 hours. Please pay close attention to the manufacturer’s instructions. However, there are some basic principles:

  • To rinse the throat, not the mouth. This means trying to get the solution down to the deepest part of your throat.
  • Do not need too much in one contact, about 5ml is enough. The more you have, the harder it is to bring the solution down to the throat.
  • Rinse your throat before going out, and as soon as you come home (or as close contact with others). If on the plane, you should contact every 3 hours (with chlohexidin) or immediately after eating.
  • In the epidemic area, rinse mouth periodically according to the time of effect of each solution.
  • Do not be subjective in thinking that this last protective stopper can replace other measures. The effectiveness of disease prevention is the coordination of all.

Notice how to rinse your mouth:

• Approximately 2 minutes at a time, including three to the throat approximately 15 seconds each time.

• After finishing washing, do not rinse with water.

How to prevent coronavirus infection simply and effectively?
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