Compare Optimization SEV and SEV V1

While there’s no guarantee that Search Engine Visibility will boost the list ranking of a customer’s website, the latest version improves those chances.

SEV (latest version):

  • IFindHost – SEV provides improved, personalized keyword and content recommendations to boost customer’s website ranking in organic (unpaid) search results
  • Once customers approves SEV’s recommendations, the changes are automatically made to the website
  • Customer’s optimized website has an even stronger chance to higher in search results

SEV v1:

  • IFindHost – SEV V1 provides keyword and content recommendations to boost website’s ranking in unpaid search results.
  • Customer evaluates recommendations made by SEV V1
  • Customer then manually makes those changes on the website
  • Customer’s optimized website has a stronger chance to higher in search results

What is search engine optimization and why should I care?

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving internal and external aspects of a website, or Web page, to increase its organic visibility for search engines. SEO involves editing the website’s HTML code and content to make it more search engine friendly, and then promoting the site to increase its relevance on the Web.

Once search engines are alerted to your website’s presence, they scan the code and content of your site and index the information. Search engines analyze the website content to determine when and where your website displays on a search-engine result page.

The page content (text displaying on a Web page) should be inviting, comprehensive, and — within reasonable limits — contain as many of the site’s keywords as possible.

Some search engines, including Google®, pay particular attention to the number of websites linking to your website when determining the importance and ranking of your site. These external links are called back links.

Why should I care about SEO?

You’ve heard the phrase “Location, location, location!” and its importance when shopping for business real estate. The same applies to the placement of your website on search engine result pages. According to research, the higher your site is listed as a search result, the more traffic you’re going to get.

Quality traffic means increased revenue and more publicity. Search engine traffic can lead to an organization’s success or failure.

The goal of SEO is to land your website in the top few pages of search pdat results page. This is not easy. It takes a lot of time and constant tweaking to increase your search engine rankings.

To assist you with the process, Search Engine Visibility guides you through optimizing your website for search engine inclusion. Search Engine Visibility analyzes your site by applying various rules based on what search engines see when they visit your site. Search Engine Visibility reports the results of the analysis, and suggests measures you can take to improve the optimization of your site.

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