Create your own custom style – Email Marketing

You have several pre-set style options to choose from, in your Styles menu. You can also edit any of the existing color or text settings in each one of those. You also have the option of creating your very own, custom style.

  1. If you haven’t already, log in to your Email Marketing account. (Need help logging in?)
  2. In your Email Marketing account, click Campaigns.
  3. Click Compose for a new campaign, or Edit on any existing campaign.
  4. Click the Styles tab, on the right.
  5. Click the Create your own.
  6. Enter a unique name for your custom style.
  7. Click the button for how you want to start your own custom style:
    • Create new will start you from scratch. This is best for totally fresh looks.
    • Clone current will copy the currently selected style. This is the best option for small changes.
  8. Next to Name, you can change the name of the style.
  9. Next to any of the elements listed, you can enter a hex code, or click the colored box to choose from a color picker.

     Note: As you select different options your campaign will change, so you can preview the new looks, in context.

    Element Details
    Background This is the color surrounding your campaign, on the outer margins.
    Foreground This is the color inside your campaign, behind the text and image content.
    Button In addition to choosing the color of your buttons, you can also choose the button style:

    • Flat button style Flat
    • Pill style button Pill
    • Chunky style button Chunky
    Border This can be turned on and off with the check box. This is a colored line around your campaign content, between the Foreground and the Background colors.
    Footer This can be turned on and off with the check box. If it is turned off, the footer details will display on the Background color.
  10. Click the Text tab.
  11. Click on any text type to customize the style.
  12. Click on any option to set your style.
    Option Details
    Font Select your desired font from the menu.
    Color Enter a hex code, or click the colored box to select from a color picker.
    Size Click the larger A to increase the font size, and the smaller A to decrease it. The actual size in pixels displays to the right.
    Alignment Choose which alignment you want this text type to use. Your options are left, center, right, and justified.

     Note: For Link text, you only choose color. All other settings are inherited from regular body Text.

     Note: For Button text, you can’t change alignment, here. Alignment is changed in the button module, in the composer.

     Note: For Footer Text, you can’t change alignment, here. Footer alignment is controlled through the Campaign Tweaks Add-on.

  13. When you’re finished with a specific text type, click <, to go back to the main list of text types.
  14. When your style is finished, click Update.

Your new custom style will always appear in your style list, so you can use it for any campaign.