Setting up and logging in – Search Engine Visibility V1

Search Engine Visibility is an all-inclusive search engine optimization tool. It takes the guesswork out of increasing your site’s visibility by providing keyword suggestions, content analysis, tag optimization, site map tools, submission to search engines, and reports for tracking progress. This article explains how Search Engine Visibility works.

Setting up Your Search Engine Visibility Account

Before you get started, set up your Search Engine Visibility account for the website you want to optimize.

To Set up Your Search Engine Visibility Account

  1. Log in to your IFindHost – account.
  2. Click Search Engine Visibility.
  3. Next to the Search Engine Visibility account you want to use, click Manage.
  4. In Domain, enter the website address to be associated with this account.

    Note: The address must be in this format:

  5. If applicable, select This website contains adult content.
  6. In Country select your country.
  7. Optional: Select your Account Type.
  8. Select that you have read and agree to the Search Engine Visibility V1 License Agreement.
  9. Click OK.

Accessing Your Search Engine Visibility Account

Optimizing your site takes time, and you need to return to your account often to check reports or refine keywords.

To Access Your Search Engine Visibility Account

  1. Log in to your IFindHost – account.
  2. Click Search Engine Visibility V1.
  3. Click Manage for the account you want to use.
    The Search Engine Visibility Manager opens.

Using Search Engine Visibility Tools

Search Engine Visibility provides seven tools for managing your website’s search engine optimization. The tools are:

  • Generate Keywords — Search engine crawlers use keywords to determine a site’s relevance to searches by Internet users. This tool suggests keywords based on keywords and phrases you enter in the search. You can then select words and phrases from the list or define additional keywords.
  • Analyze Content — This option provides an additional analysis of your website’s content. Search Engine Visibility looks at your site content to further determine the best keywords and their compatibility with your website’s content. For more information, see Analyzing site content .
  • Optimize Tags — This tool lets you see any current tags applied to your website and lets you create new tags for optimizing your search engine rankings. For each type of tag, Title, Description, and Keywords, you can enter words or phrases that describe your site and its content.
  • Control Crawling — You can have a little more control over the areas of your site that search engines might crawl. This tool lets you set preferences for your site’s pages and the way search engines crawl them.
  • Create Site Map — Use this tool to customize and create a site map to aid search engines in crawling your site. Your site map provides a URL directory for your site.
  • Submit — The submit tool is your one-stop shop for submitting your site’s URLs directly to popular search engines and directories.
  • Reports — Search Engine Visibility provides extensive reporting tools for checking your search engine optimization. Each report performs a health check of your website and makes recommendations for repairs. The reports include SEO Checklist , Submissions, Page Rank, Keyword Ranking, and Competitors.