Walkthrough: configuring order processing – Quick Shopping Cart

This article is part three of our Quick Shopping Cart® Walkthrough series, designed to guide you through creating an online storefront using Quick Shopping Cart. Go to the beginning of the series.

Time to Complete: 1 hour.

Once you’ve added products to Quick Shopping Cart, processing orders involves many external factors. Payment, tax, and shipping options all involve third parties.

Because the configuration is open-ended, this walkthrough uses our imaginary shirt company for examples to better inform your decisions instead of dictating how your store must be configured.

The examples show accepting PayPal® payments, location-based tax, and shipping with USPS.

After you configure your payment, taxes, and shipping information, all of the buttons displayed across the top of your screen will display check marks except the Publish button.

You can click Preview to see how your store will look once published. If you have any changes to make, click the appropriate button.

If you’re ready to start selling, simply click Publish. For more information, see How to publish

We also publish a mobile version of your storefront optimized for smartphones. With Deluxe and Premium accounts, you can customize your mobile storefront to attract even more mobile shoppers. For more information, see Customizing your mobile storefront .

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